The importance of reading aloud to your children

Did you ever wonder a way of having fun with your kids and at the same time providing them with invaluable knowledge?

Well there is one, and guess what, it only requires no more than 15 minutes a day, therefore you have no excuses why not to try it today, and here it is the big secret: Reading Aloud. I hope this was not a secret and that we just sometimes tend to forget the huge importance of it.

As a teacher I have experienced the  fascinating impact  that reading aloud has on kids, for example;  such activity provides them with  vocabulary that not always appears in day-to-day conversations along with the correct pronunciation of words, stimulates their  imagination, increases their attention span, develops their listening and comprehension skills, is an easy way to build empathy of our diverse world by allowing them to walk in somebody else’s shoes, and the best of all is that the quality face-to-face time invest in this activity will promote a strong bonding between parents and infants .

That sounds brilliant, doesn´t it? Just remember to follow few tips in order to make this activity as enjoyable and memorable as possible. To begin with, you must be there avoiding any distractions, some mimic and characterization is needed, engage your kid by promoting prediction during the reading and clarify any doubts there might be, and the most important of all is to have a blast.

So, start today, make it a habit, and you will be grateful on how this relaxing activity raises the love of books on your kids.

«Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.»  -Emilie Buchwald-


Gabriela Hernández Gutiérrez

English Teacher

Taller 1C

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